Hi there, I'm Alex

I am currently enrolled as a student at Purdue University Northwest, belonging to the class of 2026, where I am pursuing a major in Cybersecurity. Ever since my childhood, I have harbored a deep interest in the realm of technology. At the age of 12, I assembled my own desktop computer. Furthering my skills, I began learning code at the age of 14. At 17, I landed my first job in the IT field as a Chromebook Repair intern.

It was during my participation in the GenCyber summer camp, hosted by Purdue University Northwest, that my passion for Cybersecurity truly took root. The camp provided me with a comprehensive introduction to various Cybersecurity concepts, which piqued my curiosity. Consequently, I decided to enroll in Purdue University Northwest's esteemed Cybersecurity program the subsequent year.

Eager to stay ahead of the newest technologies, I am actively engaged in the study of new IT field topics and diligently pursuing relevant certifications. My ultimate goal is to establish myself as a proficient Security Engineer, leveraging my knowledge and expertise to ensure the safety and integrity of digital systems.

Personal Photo
Personal Photo